Tattoo Aftercare

Once we have completed the tattoo we cover the tattoo with a sterile dressing, once you have left our tattoo shop it is up to you to take care of your new tattoo. Not caring for your tattoo can result in a very poor quality tattoos !!
We can provide you with these guidelines to care for your tattoo in the best way, but if you do not take our advice we will not be responsible for how your tattoo looks after it has healed.

1. Remove dressing after 12 - 24 hours after tattoo was completed.
2. Wash new tattoo with warm soapy water (preferably an antibacterial soap).
3. Pat tattoo dry with a clean towel, do not rub
4. Apply a small amount of aftercare cream ( recommended by the tattoo artist) three to six  times a day depending on skin types until the tattoo has healed.
5. Wash tattoo twice a day with warm soapy water until tattoo has healed.
6. do NOT :    
     Pick or rub tattoo whilst healing
     Avoid direct sunlight until tattoo has healed
    Avoid soaking tattoo in water for long periods of time until it has healed
    Avoid contact with cement, paints, oils, dirt, grease, any chemicals and raw meats until healed
    Do not go swimming, use sun beds or sauna's until healed
7. Once tattoo has healed moisturising your new tattoo will help with your skin from drying out.
    When sun bathing use a high factor sun cream to prevent your new tattoo from fading over time

If you have any questions or concerns whilst your tattoo is healing please contact Gunz n Ink and we shall help with any problems or contact your doctor for advice if concerned.